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Backup and Recovery 14 Out Now

One of the best additions to your software to keep up with the growing demand for storage and space is a backup and recovery system that allows you to upload all important and necessary files that you have stored in your computer.

Backup and Recovery 14 is an efficient software that allows you to back up all your files in a jiffy and restore it whenever you feel like it. It stores data so when your device encounters a sudden mishap, you can go through it like nothing ever happened. It’s the best plan to keep all your data and system safe from total destruction or from, well, disappearing.

Backup and Recovery 14 brings countless benefits to the table

  • Has Adaptive Recovery 3.0 so you can install all your data on a different hardware
  • Includes a GTP partition support
  • Automatic partition alignment
  • Has a cyclic back-up mechanism
  • Encryptable data back-ups to avoid stealing and misuse
  • Works through an asychoronous back-up
  • Better Recovery for winPE support
  • Full support for
    • USB 3.0
    • BitLocker
    • Windows 8.1
    • uEFI
    • Recovery Media Builder
  • VD restoration wizard option
  • Selective restore, restore and back-any of the files you want without destroying the configuration
  • Has a powerful boot corrector
  • Presents with a Universal Image Mounter
  • Built in scheduler and script generator
  • Successful Hot Processing options you can choose from
  • Updates and delivers via email notifications for more accessible knowledge
  • Full storage spaces suppor
  • Very user friendly, guides you through the steps
  • Be able to back up anything
  • Allows you to transfer to different hardware
  • Highly flexible and improved configuration that can work anytime, anywhere
  • Accessible and can be used any time
  • Allows you to store data without additional configurations and instructions
  • Very useful and accessible

Who is Backup and Recovery 14 for?

  • Anybody with a computer or computer like device
  • Those who are in constant need of back up storage for future use
  • For those who are opting to update or upgrade devices or software materials
  • Those who want to protect their data through uploading via virtual storage

Why do you need the Backup and Recovery 14?

You need it if you want to protect your files and hard disk at all costs and protect your hardware from natural destruction. Use Backup and Recovery 14, not only as a means of backing your things, but also as a safety net for your system environment.

Get the Backup and Recovery 14 today!

Hard Disk Manager 15.0 Out Now

This technological and modernized world calls for a greater everything, greater iOS, greater definitions, better specs, higher resolution and it all comes down to something, bigger memory capacity. This world has grown to love everything with maximum capacity because the more you have the more you can do.

Which is what exactly the Hard Disk Manager from Paragon does, maximizes your space and you utilities; Hard Disk Manager 15 is an outstanding product that does everything for you, from back up, partition and recovery of your hard disk. It is highly efficient and very easy to use.

What the Hard Disk Manager 15 Offers

  • Automatically aligns your partitions
  • Fast restoration from granular level
  • Improved system management such as
    • Sector and file level back-ups (with updates)
    • Exclusive file level complement
  • Reliable and efficient recovery of operating systems (Linux, DOS, WinPE) during failed boots
  • Recovers data from damaged hard disks
  • Support for most recent hardware
    • SSD
    • AFD
    • 2TB+
    • non-512B of sector size disks
    • devices, such as USB 3.0
  • Enhanced pVHD format for storing back ups
  • Ten wipe algorithms to eliminate on-disk information without affecting used data
  • Support Apple Boot Camp useful for disaster recovery options
  • A Backup capsule to get failed boot systems up and ready to go in just a number of minutes
  • Recovery media builder
  • Can support Windows 8.1 Operating System and has a user interface similar to Windows 8.0
  • Optimization for NTFS storage systems
  • Support for major virtual machines
    • MS Virtual PC
    • VMware Workstation 10.0
    • VMware Fusion
    • Oracle VirtualBox 4

What are the benefits of using Hard Disk Manager 15?

  • Rapid data exchanges
  • Storage spaces to back up, restore, resize and copy windows storage devices directly on the software
  • Allows any and all types of migration of data
  • Improved and faster speed of backup processing

Who can use Hard Disk Manager 15?

  • Those who are always on the go; its speedy specs won’t let you down
  • Those needing large storage and memory spaces
  • Those that need facilitation and system managers
  • Those who want and need hardware extensions
  • Those who regularly update and boot their devices
  • Those who need to recover lost or damaged system files
  • Transfer of old files from none windows operating systems

SO why Hard Disk Manager 15?

An extension and a hard disk manager, this software is what everyone needs, as it is able to recover, back-up, manage, retrieve, resize or do virtually anything.

Get the Hard Disk Manager 15 today!

Copy Drive 14 Out Now

We are in a generation where upgrades upon upgrades are release to the public every so often; this is to give way to the demand as well as to advance the products that current user audiences have. To keep up with the demand, software programmers bring about various changes in their programs to serve you better, and who can say no to an upgrade?

But Copy Drive 14 gives none of those worries, change, update and upgrade all you like because Drive Copy 14.0 allows you to transfer operational data and use applications and remain online even during data transfers. It is convenient and easy to use software that gives you all the benefit of relaxing as you clone your disk for further uses.


This product, if bought in full version, includes the following specifications:

  • A one step copy procedure that allows you to migrate files easily
  • Wide migration options for the P2P and P2V or V2P and V2V
  • OS to SSD
  • Copy restore to dissimilar sector size
  • Easy exclusion of unwanted data copy
  • Transfer of data from new hardware environment
  • Can now be supported by Windows 8.1 and 8.0
  • AFD and SSD drives support, 2TB+
  • P2V copy and adjust features
  • Virtual system migration
  • Virtual Disk connection options
  • Operations in virtual volume disk can be resumed in case of disconnection
  • Basic Partitioning Features
  • Allows partitions to boost drive performance


  • Easy, seamless and laid back transfer of files to Disk Media, without going through the hassle of watching over everything
  • Gives you a lot options on how to clone your hard disk
  • A one-step procedure. Easy as one, two, three
  • Can allow you to be online and to use applications even during the transfer
  • Cheap and infinitely reliable

Who Should Use it?

  • People who are always up to date with Operating Systems
  • People with new hardware media such as laptops, desktops and other computers
  • Those who are looking to start anew with formatting their systems
  • For people who are constantly transferring system files
  • Those looking for an upgrade to their software and hardware

Make you work ten times easier than manually backing up all and cloning all your files and drives into standard storage media, but instead, use Drive Copy 14.0 which come with lots of options to make your work faster and more reliable. Its outstanding specs can make you do more!

Get Copy Drive 14 today!