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The easiest and safest partition manager tool is now updated and made even more efficient with its new features for better productivity and safety. If you were a Paragon Partition Manager user, then check this out.

What’s New with the Paragon Partition Manager 15?

  • No Data Loss: Partition Manager 15 is safe to use for all your partition management needs and requirements, whether you are looking to partition your operation system, applications, files and games in one or two partitions in your PC. This tool can make sure your memory storage is used ideally! For example, it can make you a new NTFS partition by making the best possible utilization of the resources available, with the function called automatic alignment.
  • No complex partitioning: It is an intuitive program for ensuring you are meeting your goal in the fastest manner possible and can help in redistributing insufficient memory storage space as well as in defining the partition size based on your demands.
  • Can help in increasing your system and hard drive function and performance: The Partition Manager 15 can make an ideal hard disk structure for you with its automatic partitioning alignment feature for ensuring that the performance of your PC is not compromised due to incorrectly aligned partitions. Therefore, you can optimize the performance of your hard disk and enhance your file system operations.
  • Security made better: The Partition Manager 15 combines all the advanced safety features to meeting the highest security standards there are, especially with its Smart-Partition technology to use in conducting safe partition operations. It also comes with the Integrated Paragon backup features for letting you make a backup before partitioning a hard drive.
  • NEW Recovery Media Builder 3.0: This function lets you make your personal recovery environment using an external device and starting up your PC for maintenance or recovery. For example, using the bootable recovery environment allows you to fire up your PC, secure important data, load current backup and correct booting errors.
  • Comes in the Professional and Home Version

Get your Partition Manager 15 today!

Hard Disk Manager 15.0 Out Now

This technological and modernized world calls for a greater everything, greater iOS, greater definitions, better specs, higher resolution and it all comes down to something, bigger memory capacity. This world has grown to love everything with maximum capacity because the more you have the more you can do.

Which is what exactly the Hard Disk Manager from Paragon does, maximizes your space and you utilities; Hard Disk Manager 15 is an outstanding product that does everything for you, from back up, partition and recovery of your hard disk. It is highly efficient and very easy to use.

What the Hard Disk Manager 15 Offers

  • Automatically aligns your partitions
  • Fast restoration from granular level
  • Improved system management such as
    • Sector and file level back-ups (with updates)
    • Exclusive file level complement
  • Reliable and efficient recovery of operating systems (Linux, DOS, WinPE) during failed boots
  • Recovers data from damaged hard disks
  • Support for most recent hardware
    • SSD
    • AFD
    • 2TB+
    • non-512B of sector size disks
    • devices, such as USB 3.0
  • Enhanced pVHD format for storing back ups
  • Ten wipe algorithms to eliminate on-disk information without affecting used data
  • Support Apple Boot Camp useful for disaster recovery options
  • A Backup capsule to get failed boot systems up and ready to go in just a number of minutes
  • Recovery media builder
  • Can support Windows 8.1 Operating System and has a user interface similar to Windows 8.0
  • Optimization for NTFS storage systems
  • Support for major virtual machines
    • MS Virtual PC
    • VMware Workstation 10.0
    • VMware Fusion
    • Oracle VirtualBox 4

What are the benefits of using Hard Disk Manager 15?

  • Rapid data exchanges
  • Storage spaces to back up, restore, resize and copy windows storage devices directly on the software
  • Allows any and all types of migration of data
  • Improved and faster speed of backup processing

Who can use Hard Disk Manager 15?

  • Those who are always on the go; its speedy specs won’t let you down
  • Those needing large storage and memory spaces
  • Those that need facilitation and system managers
  • Those who want and need hardware extensions
  • Those who regularly update and boot their devices
  • Those who need to recover lost or damaged system files
  • Transfer of old files from none windows operating systems

SO why Hard Disk Manager 15?

An extension and a hard disk manager, this software is what everyone needs, as it is able to recover, back-up, manage, retrieve, resize or do virtually anything.

Get the Hard Disk Manager 15 today!