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Partition Manager 14 Out Now!

Paragon’s Partition Manager 14.0 helps you repartition your hard drive easily and without breaking a sweat. Re-partitioning your drives can be a very tedious and taxing thing to do because it takes a lot of time and effort, so most often than not, we don’t do it, and there is a necessity to it.  Worry no more, Partition Manager does what the name suggests, Manage. Simply connect your virtual storage and voila, no hassle, no reboots needed, your work is done.

Partition and split file storage easily or use it as a backup and recovery feature, copy and transfer files; it’s an all in one package. Let’s see what Partition Manager 14.0 has in store for us:


  • Full Sector Back up Capacity
  • Support for various backup destinations
  • Restoration capacity
  • Selective and Resizing option for restore available (For the Pro version)
  • Asynchronous/ Synchronous Backup modes
  • Basic Partitioning potential
  • Advanced partitioning options
  • Non destructive connect VD
  • Boot and File management
  • Supports Windows 8 and 8.1
  • Complete uEFI support
  • Hot processing options
  • Has an installed boot corrector for error files
  • Allows you not just to re partition files but also to merge them
  • Supports various file systems
  • Automatically aligns your partition set-ups
  • Has a very useful restoration wizard
  • Can let you access bootable archives
  • Converts file systems if you need it to
  • Convert GPT to Basic MBR
  • Allows you to edit your disk
  • Fantastic defragmentation capability
  • A GPT loader
  • GUID partition table
  • A Driver Injector
  • Now can support latest HDD standards
  • A highly comprehensive recovery environment
  • And many more!

Who can use Partition Manager 14.0?

  • Those who need organization in their disk drives
  • Those who are looking to back-up their drives and date easefully
  • Those who want to split or merge partition files for their convenience
  • Those who are looking to retrieve more space on drive C: without the need of rebooting
  • Those who are in need of ultra-high capacity drives

To sum up the benefits,

  • more storage space
  • better backup options
  • better and comprehensive disk management

Partition Manager can do everything for you without slowing your lifestyle down; it does all the dirty work for you without having to boot your device so you can stay online. It supports all types of system storages and operating systems for your convenience and has multiple options for back up, retrieval, partitioning, merging and disk management—all for the price of one.

Get the Partition Manager 14 today!

Partition Manager 12.0 Released

Partition Manager 12.0

Hello Friends! Partition Manager 12.0 has just come out! It’s an application used for professional partitioning of files since 1994. Based from online descriptions, it’s the perfect tool for merging, resizing, splitting partitions, and redistributing free space including initiating new hard drive and converting to various files systems… and the list goes on.

Short Publisher Description

“Partitioning is not for amateurs. That is why millions of people have trusted our safe, stable technology and professional software solutions for over 15 years. Our latest Free Edition easily organizes your hard drive and redistributes free space to enhance system performance. Easily resize and move partitions through the smart and safe Resize Wizard. Organize and optimize your hard drive with Create, Format and Delete Wizards. Paragon Hot Resize technology to enlarge partitions without rebooting Windows. Paragon Smart Partition technology to securely perform partitioning operations. Paragon Power Shield technology to provide data consistency.”

What’s New?

  • The new version comes with full range disk management tools you need. Now, you have the power to organize assets for quicker access. Avoid the negative results of managing all your files using only one partition because it can affect your system negatively.  Using Partition 12.0, you can detach the operating system from data and start segmenting various data types and dividing a partition to create new ones.
  • Split partitions with ease. All you need to do is to choose a partition and the data you will move to the new partition. You can also redistribute the free space between partitions if you need to.
  • No reboot needed since you’ll have more ‘C’ space. After installing applications and updates, there could be lack of free space in the partition. Use the Partition Manager 12.0 to enlarge an NTFS using the Home version without having to interrupt work or rebooting Windows.
  • If you’re a Boot Camp user, meeting an insufficient space in your Windows partition is common. Using the Partition Manager 12.0, you can get free space from the Mac partition to redistribute space between two partitions.
  • And so much more….


  • Home $38.95
  • Professional $77.00
  • Server $297.00
  • Server Technician Standard Tech License $497.00

There you have what the Partition Manager 12.0 has in store for all of us. Check out what Partition 12.0 is right for you. Otherwise, leave your questions or comments below and we’ll try to get back to you soonest possible time.

Get Partition Manager 12 today.

Until Next Time,

Peter, Your Partition Manager Guide


In laymen’s term, partition is simply the act of separating or dividing into parts.

In computer-experts term, partition or disk partition, is a dedicated storage space on a hard drive which can have and run a different OS and even applications.

Partitioning, on the other hand , is the process of dividing a hard disk drive into separate parts, commonly known as partitions.

Most users these days, after purchasing a new computer or a hard disk, they normally do a partition to it before anything else. Wondering why? Well then, let me tell you, below are some of the advantages one gets in partitioning their hard disk.

– To have organized files by separating application files from user files.

– To have more than one OS.

– To speed up computer performance.

– To increase user productivity, where searching becomes faster.

    – To improve data recovery, as you don’t have to recover the entire hard drive, just the affected partition.

    – To have an efficient, fall back space

Still, not convinced on why a partition is a must? Here is a list of disadvantages of not performing a partition:

    – Poor Data recovery

    When a system crash occurs, with all your files both user files (games, pictures, movies, etc.) and system files in one location, it’s most likely that everything will be affected too.

    – Slow Performance

    Since all programs and documents are in one unpartitioned drive, performing search and running programs will cause a poor performance.

    – Unorganized data

    Having all sorts of files cluttered in one can be real nuisance. It would have been better to have your Windows files and programs in a separate drive from your personal stuff or work stuff.

    – Unsecured

    In relation to data recovery, poor security is also a disadvantage of not doing a partition.