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The easiest and safest partition manager tool is now updated and made even more efficient with its new features for better productivity and safety. If you were a Paragon Partition Manager user, then check this out.

What’s New with the Paragon Partition Manager 15?

  • No Data Loss: Partition Manager 15 is safe to use for all your partition management needs and requirements, whether you are looking to partition your operation system, applications, files and games in one or two partitions in your PC. This tool can make sure your memory storage is used ideally! For example, it can make you a new NTFS partition by making the best possible utilization of the resources available, with the function called automatic alignment.
  • No complex partitioning: It is an intuitive program for ensuring you are meeting your goal in the fastest manner possible and can help in redistributing insufficient memory storage space as well as in defining the partition size based on your demands.
  • Can help in increasing your system and hard drive function and performance: The Partition Manager 15 can make an ideal hard disk structure for you with its automatic partitioning alignment feature for ensuring that the performance of your PC is not compromised due to incorrectly aligned partitions. Therefore, you can optimize the performance of your hard disk and enhance your file system operations.
  • Security made better: The Partition Manager 15 combines all the advanced safety features to meeting the highest security standards there are, especially with its Smart-Partition technology to use in conducting safe partition operations. It also comes with the Integrated Paragon backup features for letting you make a backup before partitioning a hard drive.
  • NEW Recovery Media Builder 3.0: This function lets you make your personal recovery environment using an external device and starting up your PC for maintenance or recovery. For example, using the bootable recovery environment allows you to fire up your PC, secure important data, load current backup and correct booting errors.
  • Comes in the Professional and Home Version

Get your Partition Manager 15 today!

Partition Manager 14 Out Now!

Paragon’s Partition Manager 14.0 helps you repartition your hard drive easily and without breaking a sweat. Re-partitioning your drives can be a very tedious and taxing thing to do because it takes a lot of time and effort, so most often than not, we don’t do it, and there is a necessity to it.  Worry no more, Partition Manager does what the name suggests, Manage. Simply connect your virtual storage and voila, no hassle, no reboots needed, your work is done.

Partition and split file storage easily or use it as a backup and recovery feature, copy and transfer files; it’s an all in one package. Let’s see what Partition Manager 14.0 has in store for us:


  • Full Sector Back up Capacity
  • Support for various backup destinations
  • Restoration capacity
  • Selective and Resizing option for restore available (For the Pro version)
  • Asynchronous/ Synchronous Backup modes
  • Basic Partitioning potential
  • Advanced partitioning options
  • Non destructive connect VD
  • Boot and File management
  • Supports Windows 8 and 8.1
  • Complete uEFI support
  • Hot processing options
  • Has an installed boot corrector for error files
  • Allows you not just to re partition files but also to merge them
  • Supports various file systems
  • Automatically aligns your partition set-ups
  • Has a very useful restoration wizard
  • Can let you access bootable archives
  • Converts file systems if you need it to
  • Convert GPT to Basic MBR
  • Allows you to edit your disk
  • Fantastic defragmentation capability
  • A GPT loader
  • GUID partition table
  • A Driver Injector
  • Now can support latest HDD standards
  • A highly comprehensive recovery environment
  • And many more!

Who can use Partition Manager 14.0?

  • Those who need organization in their disk drives
  • Those who are looking to back-up their drives and date easefully
  • Those who want to split or merge partition files for their convenience
  • Those who are looking to retrieve more space on drive C: without the need of rebooting
  • Those who are in need of ultra-high capacity drives

To sum up the benefits,

  • more storage space
  • better backup options
  • better and comprehensive disk management

Partition Manager can do everything for you without slowing your lifestyle down; it does all the dirty work for you without having to boot your device so you can stay online. It supports all types of system storages and operating systems for your convenience and has multiple options for back up, retrieval, partitioning, merging and disk management—all for the price of one.

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Backup and Recovery 14 Out Now

One of the best additions to your software to keep up with the growing demand for storage and space is a backup and recovery system that allows you to upload all important and necessary files that you have stored in your computer.

Backup and Recovery 14 is an efficient software that allows you to back up all your files in a jiffy and restore it whenever you feel like it. It stores data so when your device encounters a sudden mishap, you can go through it like nothing ever happened. It’s the best plan to keep all your data and system safe from total destruction or from, well, disappearing.

Backup and Recovery 14 brings countless benefits to the table

  • Has Adaptive Recovery 3.0 so you can install all your data on a different hardware
  • Includes a GTP partition support
  • Automatic partition alignment
  • Has a cyclic back-up mechanism
  • Encryptable data back-ups to avoid stealing and misuse
  • Works through an asychoronous back-up
  • Better Recovery for winPE support
  • Full support for
    • USB 3.0
    • BitLocker
    • Windows 8.1
    • uEFI
    • Recovery Media Builder
  • VD restoration wizard option
  • Selective restore, restore and back-any of the files you want without destroying the configuration
  • Has a powerful boot corrector
  • Presents with a Universal Image Mounter
  • Built in scheduler and script generator
  • Successful Hot Processing options you can choose from
  • Updates and delivers via email notifications for more accessible knowledge
  • Full storage spaces suppor
  • Very user friendly, guides you through the steps
  • Be able to back up anything
  • Allows you to transfer to different hardware
  • Highly flexible and improved configuration that can work anytime, anywhere
  • Accessible and can be used any time
  • Allows you to store data without additional configurations and instructions
  • Very useful and accessible

Who is Backup and Recovery 14 for?

  • Anybody with a computer or computer like device
  • Those who are in constant need of back up storage for future use
  • For those who are opting to update or upgrade devices or software materials
  • Those who want to protect their data through uploading via virtual storage

Why do you need the Backup and Recovery 14?

You need it if you want to protect your files and hard disk at all costs and protect your hardware from natural destruction. Use Backup and Recovery 14, not only as a means of backing your things, but also as a safety net for your system environment.

Get the Backup and Recovery 14 today!

Hard Disk Manager 15.0 Out Now

This technological and modernized world calls for a greater everything, greater iOS, greater definitions, better specs, higher resolution and it all comes down to something, bigger memory capacity. This world has grown to love everything with maximum capacity because the more you have the more you can do.

Which is what exactly the Hard Disk Manager from Paragon does, maximizes your space and you utilities; Hard Disk Manager 15 is an outstanding product that does everything for you, from back up, partition and recovery of your hard disk. It is highly efficient and very easy to use.

What the Hard Disk Manager 15 Offers

  • Automatically aligns your partitions
  • Fast restoration from granular level
  • Improved system management such as
    • Sector and file level back-ups (with updates)
    • Exclusive file level complement
  • Reliable and efficient recovery of operating systems (Linux, DOS, WinPE) during failed boots
  • Recovers data from damaged hard disks
  • Support for most recent hardware
    • SSD
    • AFD
    • 2TB+
    • non-512B of sector size disks
    • devices, such as USB 3.0
  • Enhanced pVHD format for storing back ups
  • Ten wipe algorithms to eliminate on-disk information without affecting used data
  • Support Apple Boot Camp useful for disaster recovery options
  • A Backup capsule to get failed boot systems up and ready to go in just a number of minutes
  • Recovery media builder
  • Can support Windows 8.1 Operating System and has a user interface similar to Windows 8.0
  • Optimization for NTFS storage systems
  • Support for major virtual machines
    • MS Virtual PC
    • VMware Workstation 10.0
    • VMware Fusion
    • Oracle VirtualBox 4

What are the benefits of using Hard Disk Manager 15?

  • Rapid data exchanges
  • Storage spaces to back up, restore, resize and copy windows storage devices directly on the software
  • Allows any and all types of migration of data
  • Improved and faster speed of backup processing

Who can use Hard Disk Manager 15?

  • Those who are always on the go; its speedy specs won’t let you down
  • Those needing large storage and memory spaces
  • Those that need facilitation and system managers
  • Those who want and need hardware extensions
  • Those who regularly update and boot their devices
  • Those who need to recover lost or damaged system files
  • Transfer of old files from none windows operating systems

SO why Hard Disk Manager 15?

An extension and a hard disk manager, this software is what everyone needs, as it is able to recover, back-up, manage, retrieve, resize or do virtually anything.

Get the Hard Disk Manager 15 today!

Copy Drive 14 Out Now

We are in a generation where upgrades upon upgrades are release to the public every so often; this is to give way to the demand as well as to advance the products that current user audiences have. To keep up with the demand, software programmers bring about various changes in their programs to serve you better, and who can say no to an upgrade?

But Copy Drive 14 gives none of those worries, change, update and upgrade all you like because Drive Copy 14.0 allows you to transfer operational data and use applications and remain online even during data transfers. It is convenient and easy to use software that gives you all the benefit of relaxing as you clone your disk for further uses.


This product, if bought in full version, includes the following specifications:

  • A one step copy procedure that allows you to migrate files easily
  • Wide migration options for the P2P and P2V or V2P and V2V
  • OS to SSD
  • Copy restore to dissimilar sector size
  • Easy exclusion of unwanted data copy
  • Transfer of data from new hardware environment
  • Can now be supported by Windows 8.1 and 8.0
  • AFD and SSD drives support, 2TB+
  • P2V copy and adjust features
  • Virtual system migration
  • Virtual Disk connection options
  • Operations in virtual volume disk can be resumed in case of disconnection
  • Basic Partitioning Features
  • Allows partitions to boost drive performance


  • Easy, seamless and laid back transfer of files to Disk Media, without going through the hassle of watching over everything
  • Gives you a lot options on how to clone your hard disk
  • A one-step procedure. Easy as one, two, three
  • Can allow you to be online and to use applications even during the transfer
  • Cheap and infinitely reliable

Who Should Use it?

  • People who are always up to date with Operating Systems
  • People with new hardware media such as laptops, desktops and other computers
  • Those who are looking to start anew with formatting their systems
  • For people who are constantly transferring system files
  • Those looking for an upgrade to their software and hardware

Make you work ten times easier than manually backing up all and cloning all your files and drives into standard storage media, but instead, use Drive Copy 14.0 which come with lots of options to make your work faster and more reliable. Its outstanding specs can make you do more!

Get Copy Drive 14 today!

Partition Manager 12.0 Released

Partition Manager 12.0

Hello Friends! Partition Manager 12.0 has just come out! It’s an application used for professional partitioning of files since 1994. Based from online descriptions, it’s the perfect tool for merging, resizing, splitting partitions, and redistributing free space including initiating new hard drive and converting to various files systems… and the list goes on.

Short Publisher Description

“Partitioning is not for amateurs. That is why millions of people have trusted our safe, stable technology and professional software solutions for over 15 years. Our latest Free Edition easily organizes your hard drive and redistributes free space to enhance system performance. Easily resize and move partitions through the smart and safe Resize Wizard. Organize and optimize your hard drive with Create, Format and Delete Wizards. Paragon Hot Resize technology to enlarge partitions without rebooting Windows. Paragon Smart Partition technology to securely perform partitioning operations. Paragon Power Shield technology to provide data consistency.”

What’s New?

  • The new version comes with full range disk management tools you need. Now, you have the power to organize assets for quicker access. Avoid the negative results of managing all your files using only one partition because it can affect your system negatively.  Using Partition 12.0, you can detach the operating system from data and start segmenting various data types and dividing a partition to create new ones.
  • Split partitions with ease. All you need to do is to choose a partition and the data you will move to the new partition. You can also redistribute the free space between partitions if you need to.
  • No reboot needed since you’ll have more ‘C’ space. After installing applications and updates, there could be lack of free space in the partition. Use the Partition Manager 12.0 to enlarge an NTFS using the Home version without having to interrupt work or rebooting Windows.
  • If you’re a Boot Camp user, meeting an insufficient space in your Windows partition is common. Using the Partition Manager 12.0, you can get free space from the Mac partition to redistribute space between two partitions.
  • And so much more….


  • Home $38.95
  • Professional $77.00
  • Server $297.00
  • Server Technician Standard Tech License $497.00

There you have what the Partition Manager 12.0 has in store for all of us. Check out what Partition 12.0 is right for you. Otherwise, leave your questions or comments below and we’ll try to get back to you soonest possible time.

Get Partition Manager 12 today.

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PerfectDisk 12.5 Out Now

PerfectDisk 12.5, the latest version of the award-winning and Microsoft-certified utility for disk defragmentation is now released.

The PerfectDisk software product line provides smarter optimization for all system drives. Improvements have been made that result in up to 30% faster so users can work and play even faster. Plus, it saves energy costs by reducing the use of CPU and disk I/O resources.


What’s new with PerfectDisk 12.5?
  • OptiWrite™ to Prevent Fragmentation – Prevents degradation of your system’s performance by preventing most fragmentation on your drive before it occurs.
  • StealthPatrol™ – Auto-Optimization Automatically prevents fragmentation and optimizes your system when it isn’t busy.
  • New Dynamic Zone Engine – Significantly reduces the overhead involved in processing all sizes of drives.
  • Short Stroke Method for Thin-Provisioned Environments – Improves optimization speed and improves support for Thin Provisioned drives.
  • Zero-Fill Free Space Saves Storage Space – Only PerfectDisk offers Zero-Fill free space capability that consolidates free space then zero-fills that space.
  • Interactive Scheduling Calendar – Provides a monthly view of all scheduled tasks with on-the-fly task editing
This latest version adds a new Space Management feature that helps businesses and users reclaim wasted disk space and better manage their storage, as well as peer-to-peer remote capability to more easily manage remote clients.

PerfectDisk Home Premium is the most complete disk defragmenter available where you’ll be able to keep your personal computer in top-notch shape.

PerfectDisk Professional is a system utility tool that you can use to organize your operating system in such a manner that its performance level significantly increases.

All other versions include both Space Management and Peer-to-Peer Remote Capability described below:

The new Space Management adds several capabilities, including:

  • Duplicate File Finder — recovers disk space by detecting and removing duplicate files such as text documents, pictures, music, and videos.
  • Recycler — purges the Recycle bin and removes temporary files so that your drive remains clutter free.
  • Space Reports – lets users view graphical and statistical reports of file usage and allocation.
PerfectDisk’s new peer-to-peer remote capability also adds several new capabilities, including:
  • Remote Control – allows users to take control of any client running on a remote computer with the power to access features normally only accessible via a local client.
  • Remote Management – Allows users to make on-the-fly changes to client configurations and behaviors without the need to use Remote Desktop.
  • Console Integration – Supports direct connections to remote clients via the PerfectDisk Enterprise Console.

PerfectDisk defrag software is a friendly alternative that picks up where Windows’ Disk Defragmenter leaves off, adding powerful features, an attractive interface, and a top-notch help file with clear instructions and definitions.

On Partition Manager Guide you get tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your Partition Manager Software.

snapshotmacHello Friend,

Paragon is the leading developer of innovative software that focuses on data storage, security and management. It is also the manufacturer of the best partition managing tool Partition Manager 10.  They recently delighted us with their upcoming release of a product similar to Drive Backup, only difference is that it is compatible with Mac OS X. It is called “Snapshot”.

It’s simply a question of time – made of moving parts, hard drives will fail sooner or later.  The innate fallibility of the hard drive requires that Mac and PC users alike have a backup plan.  A point-in-time copy of data, known as a “snapshot,” is an ideal solution to completely and safely backup a computer, and has been in use on Windows-based operating systems for years. If you are a PC user and don’t have a backup of your hard drive don’t wait until its too late get Drive Backup today.

“Snapshot”  will target Mac OS X users out there, both for home and businesses.  It is currently out for beta-testing.

The current backup solutions available for  Mac computers do not have the capability to perform complete system backups. With the release of  “Snapshot”, this will be possible and recovery can be done immediately.

Currently you cannot do a backup when there are applications running or if the file to be backed up is currently being utilized by an application, all these will be possible with Snapshot for Mac OS X.

Snapshot for Mac offers the following benefits to Mac users:

1. Better application availability

2. Faster recovery

3. Easier backup management of large volumes of data.

4. Minimal possibility of data loss.

Snapshot for Mac OS X supports the following file systems:

• Mac OS Standard

• Mac OS Extended

• FAT; and


If you would like to stay updated on the release of “Snapshot” make sure you have subscribed to Partition Manager Guide.

Until Next Time 😉

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Partition Manager 10.0 Released

pm101The latest version of Partition Manager is now out in the market. Partition Manager 10.0 was released just last month and now it is packed with advanced partitioning tools added to help you get that better management and control over your hard drives.

Partition Manager 10 includes new and updated features such as:

• NEW Windows 7 Support – Take advantage of of the full-fledged support of Partition Manager for computers running 7.

• NEW Support for the new GPT formatted Hard Disks, used in Windows 7, Vista, Server 2008, Mac® OS X and Linux.

• NEW Refined User Interface – Now there are improved two-level user interface: Easy and Advanced to suit its user’s needs and satisfaction.

• NEW Recovery Media Integration into the MSI Installation Package A Linux/DOS Recovery Media Builder is fully integrated into the Installation Package.

• NEW Install Windows OS Wizard – Now you can easily install Windows 7/Vista/XP on your Intel-based Mac® either as a sole OS or create a dual-boot system.

• UPDATED Improved 64-bit Support – Partition Manager 10 provides full support for all Windows 64-bit OS.

• NEW Express Resize and Create Partition Wizard – With this wizard, you can now create a new partition and also increase free space on a partition from another partition on your hard drive.

UPDATED Initial Backup Facility – With the Simple Backup Wizard, backup creation is fast and easy. Backup options can be to CDs, DVDs and even Blu-ray discs.

• NEW Context Sensitive Hint System – Get a detailed description of settings, controls or fields directly and immediately.

Check Out Partition Manager 10.0

Upgrade Partition Manager to version 10.0

Until next time 😉

Peter – Your Partition Manager Guide

Partition Manager 9.0 Released

Partition Manager 9

PartitionManager version 9.0 was recently released.

Read more about Partition Manager 9.0

This version include new features such as:

  • New – Install New OS Wizard prepares a hard disk for a new operating system installation.
  • Updated – Safely setup and manage multiple operating systems on the same PC with the Boot Manager
  • Updated – Boot Corrector allows you to resolve most common boot problems.
  • New – The Initial Backup Reminder which appears on program startup, advices to back up system and data before critical partitioning operations.
  • Restore separate files and folders from a previously created backup archive.
  • New – Express Launcher provides user-friendly interface and quick access to most common operations.
  • Updated – Improved Windows Vista support, including 64-bit editions.

New – Included in the set Paragon Drive Backup 8.51 trial version allows you to evaluate powerful backup and restore tools.

And in the Pro version:

  • New Install New OS Wizard prepares a hard disk for a new operating system installation.
  • Updated – Safely setup and manage multiple operating systems on the same PC with the Boot Manager
  • Updated – Boot Corrector allows you to resolve most common boot problems.
  • NewThe Initial Backup Reminder which appears on program startup, advices to back up system and data before critical partitioning operations.
  • NewRestore entire disks or separate partitions and roll-back your unsuccessful partitioning operations with the Paragon Recovery CD
  • New File Transfer Wizard can restore separate files and folders from a previously created backup archive.
  • Updated- Dynamic disk support (convert to basic, backup/restore, defrag, check file system).
  • Updated – Disk Editor enables to view and manually edit hard disk/partition contents in a hexadecimal mode.
  • New Express Launcher provides user-friendly interface and quick access to most common operations.
  • Updated – Improved Windows Vista support, including 64-bit editions.
  • NewIncluded in the set Paragon Drive Backup 8.51 trial version allows you to evaluate powerful backup and restore tools.

Buy Partition Manager 9.0

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Peter – Your Partition Manager Guide